Meli´ Belt

Live the technology of our garments, which mold your figure, moisturizing and moisturizing your skin.

Benefits of using Melibelt Girdles

To choose MELIBELT belts you must first determine what your need is. You may need to lose weight or simply mold your body; Maybe what you need is a girdle that helps you control a specific area of your body such as buttocks, bust, abdomen for this we have a wide variety of products that can accommodate your needs.

Properties with high technology

  • It helps the healing process.
  • It helps adhere the skin to muscle tissue.
  • Accelerates the recovery and the good results of an aesthetic process.
  • Allergenic hypo tissue.
    Adaptable to the weather.
  • Flat seams that do not mistreat and does not show with clothing.
  • Double abdominal reinforcement.
  • It reduces pain and ensures movements.
  • Internal tissue that prevents the growth of fungi and bacteria.
  • Internal coating with aloe vera for skin care and hydration.

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